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Come to the Swiss Alps for adventure and scenery, but for the ultimate in alpine delights, choose a luxury hotel in Interlaken. This altitudinous gem of Switzerland is tucked in the shadow of one of the region's most sought after peaks and whether you plan to climb it or not, you will appreciate its splendor.

From your luxury hotel in Interlaken you will hopefully have a stunning view of Jungfrau, the iconic, nearly 14,000 foot wonder of the Alps. You can take the world's highest railway to over 11,000 feet in altitude and take in the jaw-dropping scenery the whole ride up.

Adventurers flock from all over the world to Interlaken where guides cater to your every adrenaline-pumping whim. Try skydiving, canyoning, hang gliding or paragliding in addition to the world-class skiing. If you are an experienced mountaineer you could even climb the peak itself.

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