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Explore the French speaking Romandy region of Switzerland and from your luxury hotel in Lausanne enjoy all of the culture, food and lake fun. Lake Geneva forms the heart of the area but there is much more to offer than simply watersports and delicious meals on sun baked café terraces overlooking the water.

If you are marine-inclined, the lake side Ouchy resort area will serve as an abounding playground of sailboats, swimming, and windsurfing. Hop on a bike though, and see the view from a different perspective along the Rhône trail above the water. The panorama will be breathtaking looking back at the steep downtown of Lausanne. The thirteenth century Gothic cathedral will peek above the medieval rooftops and the unique topography will be even more striking.

From your luxury hotel in Lausanne you will have a wealth of culture to delve into. Try traditional fondue in an upscale restaurant before heading off to the renowned Maurice Bejart Ballet or French Swiss Orchestra.

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Inspiring Lake Geneva will be yours for the taking if you choose a luxury hotel in Lausanne. Booking luxury hotel reservations in Lausanne is easy with ExcellentHotels.com.


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