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Visit the heart of Italian speaking Switzerland on the bank of Lake Maggiore. From your luxury hotel in Locarno you will have the rugged, mountain rimmed lake, deep history and romantic vineyards to explore.

Locarno is unique in its splendid Swiss/Italian heritage and celebrates such distinction through its cuisine, architecture and cultural attractions. Tour the vineyards above the town in the hills, stroll the length of the singular Astrovia Locarno (an outdoor, interactive scale model of the solar system 3km long), or speculate along with many about Castello Visconteo (thought by some to have been designed by Da Vinci himself).

The funicular over 1,000 meters up to the Sanctuary of Madonna del Sasso affords spectacular views of Lake Maggiore as well as the picturesque downtown. You can stay and admire the opulently embellished interior or head even higher up the mountainside by gondola to the summit of Cimetta Mountain recreation area.

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Embrace both the Italian and Swiss aspects of the area from your luxury hotel in Locarno. Booking luxury hotel reservation in Locarno is easy with ExcellentHotels.com


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