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Be inspired by the beauty of the lakes and Alps region of southern Switzerland from your luxury hotel in Lugano. From the scenery to the rich cultural melting pot of Swiss and Italian traditions, this is an ideal travel destination.

Start at the picturesque Lake Lugano, the heart of the region. Partly in Switzerland and partly in Italy, the lake's warm water is host to ample bathing spots as well as outfitters who will take you boating, fishing and exploring.

Try a bird's eye view from Mt. Brè. The funicular has been in operation since 1912 and gives visitors a ride up 3,000 feet to a spectacular panorama of the lake and city. In town you can delight in the shade of St. Lorenzo Cathedral's ninth century walls or examine frescoes of the Christ's Passion in St. Mary of the Angels Church.

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From mountain biking to museum strolls your options will be endless at your luxury hotel in Lugano. Booking luxury hotel reservations in Lugano is easy with ExcellentHotels.com.


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