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Bath, United Kingdom has been a popular destination for thousands of years. Since Roman times people have come to relax in large hot spring fed baths. For centuries people have said the waters that flow out of the spring heal the mind, body, and soul. Book your luxury hotel and experience the extensive history that lies around every corner.

The Roman Baths is a complex at which ancient Romans used to relax and heal. It is comprised of the Roman Bath house, a temple, and the Sacred Spring through which the hot waters flow at around 115 degrees Fahrenheit. Due to the flow of millions of gallons a day, beneath the complex is an ancient Roman draining system leading to the Avon River.  People come from far and wide just to bear witness to the amazing feat of engineering. Book your luxury hotel in Bath and take in this ancient wonder of the world.

While modern times do not allow for a swim in the ancient baths, if you want to relax as the Romans did you can check the Thermae Spa, Britain's only operating natural thermal spa. While there you may indulge in massages, facials, and many naturally warm baths, one of which is open-air with spectacular views of the surrounding city setting the perfect location for a romantic evening.

An example of the old architecture, the Bath Abbey is a magnificent church built in the 7th century A.D. Its iconic Gothic style includes many archways and intricate stained glass windows. It is adorned with figures literally climbing up the side of the large spire and swirling scroll work. Book your luxury hotel and marvel at this feat of ancient architecture.

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Experices the steaming Roman bath, relax at Thermae Spa, or spend the day walking about the city admiring the beautiful buildings. Book your luxury hotel in the United Kingdom with Excellent Hotels.


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