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Dover is located on the eastern most point of the United Kingdom. Its close proximity to France has made the city a major port. Servicing countless ferries each year, the city has become a major destination for tourists. Book your luxury hotel in Dover and admire the beautiful coastline of this lovely city.

The Dover Castle sits high above its port, allowing for endless panoramic views. The earliest recorded accounts of the port of Dover were made by Julius Caesar in 55 B.C. As the city has immediate access to continental Europe, the castle has remained an important military fortification up until WWII. Under the control of a multitude of kings and governments, the Dover Castle has gone through many renovations and restorations. Its towering walls and skirting hills hide a labyrinth of secret chambers and corridors.

The White Cliffs of Dover have to be the city's defining characteristic. Standing high over the sea are towering cliffs of white chalk which have set a perfect scene for the arrival and departure of many seafaring travelers. Book your luxury hotels and see why so many famous artists and poets have been inspired by this seaside gem. Take a guided tour along the shore and through the many caves as one of the White Cliff Greeters, a volunteer group, shares a historic story.

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