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Located in the northern part of Scotland, in the United Kingdom, lies the city of Inverness. This bustling metropolis is the capital of the Scottish Highlands and has recently seen rapid growth under the influence of a population influx and economic upturn. Even though the city has many modern accolades, the past can speak louder. Book your luxury hotel to learn the fascinating past - and present - of this historic treasure.

The city hosts the famous Highland Games, a traditional competition of physical strength. In one test of strength, competitors vertically balance a pine log in their hands as they run forward and hoist the log upward, the goal being to flip it end-over-end (a.k.a. "flipping the caber") Measuring around 15 ft., tossing the log proves to be quite the feat. Participants also perform other examples of their strength in competitions resembling shot put as well as hammer tosses.

Culloden Battlefield was the site of the bloodiest battle in Scotland's history. It was here on April 16, 1746, that the Jacobites went to battle in order to regain the throne and a government in favor of parliament. Due to a number of disadvantages such as food deprivation and a lack of troops, the Jacobites lost the battle and this concluded the war entirely. Book your luxury hotel in Inverness and bear witness to this important battlefield. The visitor center and museums prove to be fun and educational for every age.

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Visit the beautiful city of Inverness when you book your luxury hotel in the United Kingdom. Explore the Scottish Highland and relax amongst the friendly locals. Booking your hotel is made easy with Excellent Hotels. Guaranteed low rates and 24-hour customer service!

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