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Nottingham, in the county Nottinghamshire, is located centrally in the United Kingdom. Legend dictates that the whimsical town was where Robin Hood and his Merry Men stole from the rich and gave to the poor. Book your luxury hotel in Nottingham and discover Sherwood Forest, the Great Oak, and many other historic landmarks.

The landscape of Sherwood Forest has been ever-changing since the Roman Empire. Through the years it has been owned by the royal family as a royal hunting grounds,. It has also been owned privately for the harvest of pine trees, though now the forest is protected and is maintained by donations. Take a self guided tour through the forest where Robin Hood took refuge from Prince John. Stroll through winding trails and see sites such as the Great Tree, a 1,000 year old tree made famous by the legend Robin Hood.

Seated high above the city is the Nottingham Museum and Art Gallery. Built in the 11th century, it has served as a Royal residence as well as a military stronghold throughout its many renovations. There are numerous collections of watercolors, glassware, silver, and Roman votive offerings (an offering made of gold or sculpted out of stone whose purpose is to bring about good luck or a certain wish). Book your luxury hotel in Nottingham and discover the many hidden treasures that linger from yesteryear.

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