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Plymouth, England, located on the southern peninsula of the United Kingdom, is a coastal town that has many natural distinctions and a considerable amount of historical relevance. Book your luxury hotel in Plymouth to discover landmarks such as the Royal Citadel that sits atop the illustrious Plymouth Hoe. With its encroaching cliffs and vibrant culture, Plymouth is sure to provide lasting memories.

The sprawling cliff face of Plymouth Hoe attracts locals and tourist alike. With an unobstructed view of the harbor and many surrounding green lawns, it sets the perfect scene for an afternoon picnic and a stroll along the water. Explore the Smeaton Tower, an 18th century lighthouse that, after being dismantled 3 times, now stands as a memorial to its designer John Smeaton. Climb up the spiral stairs to the lamp room, which used to hold twenty-four candles, for a breathtaking view of the skirting coastline. Plymouth Hoe is relatively close to the downtown area, a short walk from any hotel in Plymouth.

The Fort at Crownhill is very important part of British history, built in the mid-19thcentury; it provided much assurance against any perceived invasion from French forces. Under command of the military until 1987, it has remained much in its original state unlike other forts that have become privately owned. The fort covers over sixteen acres of land with over a ½ mile of subterranean tunnels. Take a guided tour through the labyrinth and take account of the multitude of history and artifacts presented in the museum.

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