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Reading is located just 20 miles west of London in the UK.  As a popular destination of shopping, the city attracts thousands of people each year.  Come experience the many restaurants and art galleries that exude the city?s culture and heritage.  Book your luxury hotels in Reading and make a lasting memory for you and your loved ones.  

Visit the Beale Animal Park; about 10 minutes from the center of town, it proves to be a great location for a family outing. Walk around the sprawling compound and admire the range of different species as you navigate the footpaths which wind through an array of lush gardens. Amongst the lavish surroundings you will find Barn Owls, Red Deer, many types of monkeys and colorful macaws. Come book your luxury hotel in Reading and begin your wild adventure.

A short drive outside of town to the Windsor Castle is well worth the trip. The castle is the longest occupied residence of the Royal family, spanning over 1,000 years. You may explore the 13 acre estate and its many abounding gardens and beautiful courtyards. Discover the State Apartments which house excellent examples of furniture and weapons from the Royal Collection. Book your luxury hotel in Reading and see why Her Majesty herself prefers the Windsor Castle as her weekend home.

The UK Wolf Centre is aimed at furthering awareness and education surrounding the lives of wolves all over the world. Since the early 1990s the 50 acre park has been a refuge for many wolves. The organization has continued to provide assistance to efforts which preserve and protect these mysterious creatures in over 10 countries around Europe. Experience the rare opportunity to walk with the wolves. Through out the park there are many walking trails which have been designed to be photogenic. Do not miss the opportunity to see Lunca, the first European Wolf to be born in the UK in over 500 years!

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