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When you visit the immense United States it will quickly become apparent that a lifetime is needed to take in the sights of all its singular landscapes and cities. Luxury hotels are abundant here though, so whichever corner you end up in you will be treated to big food, famed monuments, towering buildings and of course, huge American personality.

From the light-house dotted coast of New England to the sandy tropics of Florida, the lush rainforest of Oregon to the rolling Great Plains, the United States has a climate and matching scenery to suit everyone. You'll barely believe you're still in the same country as you travel from region to region.

In major cities you will find the same miscellany. New York City hosts a legendary mixture of cultures, sought-after hotels and notoriously brusque attitude. You won't want to leave San Francisco and its relaxed, freethinking vibe, but a trip up to Los Angeles to visit infamous Hollywood for some movie star spotting will be thrilling. Pick up cowboy boots in Las Vegas then kick up a little dust in Dallas before you marvel at the 84oz Black Angus steak your chatty waitress brings. 

Be shocked by the majesty of the Grand Canyon, then awed by the Rockies in the mile high, snow-capped northwest. The vast Great Lakes lap at Chicago where commerce meets world-class fishing. Don't miss the deep dish pizza here, not to mention the lobster in Maine or the barbeque in Memphis. In Washington DC tour impressive monuments and enrich your mind at the renowned Smithsonian Institute museums.

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Visit for the big-name, bright light attractions or find your own way among eccentric small towns and serene off-road vistas. America will welcome you. Booking luxury hotel reservations in the USA is easy with ExcellentHotels.com

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