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Spending time getting to know founder Sam Houston's legacy from your luxury hotel. This southern city is a thriving metropolis of shopping, western culture and history, and unprecedented urban sprawl. From one of many hotels in Houston, immerse yourself in the heart of Texas; a unique city that will be an unforgettable destination.

Home to NASA, Houston is a truly excellent place for the visitor with a curiosity for space travel. The Space Center Houston is a brilliant attraction for families and solo adults alike. Here one can explore real space modules, simulate a space walk, or become immersed in the exciting historical exhibits of the international space race that was won by the United States. The Space Center is host to an aquatic "Creatures of the Abyss" display as well, which introduces visitors to some of the strangest creatures on Earth. Around the Space Center there are several hotels to choose from as well as a large variety of restaurants.

From your hotel, head to downtown Houston and explore the theatre district where there are several entertainment plazas packed with a vast array of activities, luxury hotels, and shopping possibilities. Here you will find cinemas, stage play performances, stand up comedy shows, restaurants, hotels, and parks that cover over 17 city blocks. Along Main Street a tramline provides simple and continuous transport while being directed through pedestrian malls and through large water fountains; a unique experience indeed. Rain or shine, you can enjoy the bustle in downtown thanks to seven miles of pedestrian tunnels and skywalks that connect major buildings.

The West Loop area of the city is also beyond worth a visit. Here you will find not only a plethora of wonderfully-located hotels, but an excellent shopping center, the gigantic Williams Tower, the upscale River Oaks Shopping Center, and a great display of Art Deco architecture throughout.

Escaping the city's buildings and hotels for some fresh air and a little exercise is simple from most hotels in the area. There is Memorial Park and Golf Course situated to the west of downtown, where rounds of golf and casual strolls through the forest can be had. Explore the man-made bayou, natural marshland and rivers at George Bush Park. Toward the east, spend some sunny days on the beaches along Trinity Bay, Galveston Bay, and the Gulf Coast.

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From outer space to the old west, many luxury hotels in Houston will put you in the front row for whatever side of Texas you fancy. Booking luxury hotels in Houston is easy with ExcellentHotels.com

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