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There is no shortage of luxury in the touted Entertainment Capital of the World, Los Angeles. This is the city that celebrity athletes, film makers, rock stars and actors call home so around every turn there are superior hotels, pristine beaches, designer shops and of course, your favorite stars.

Start your stay in Los Angeles in Hollywood. This is where you can browse the Boulevard of the Stars on the side walk, snap photos of the iconic "Hollywood" sign and visit Grauman's Chinese Theater. Window shop on Rodeo Drive, or spend a pretty penny on Gucci, Dior and Chanel apparel, shoes and handbags.

For more affordable but funny or irreverent souvenirs, try Venice Beach where you can admire the tan rollerbladers on the boardwalk or be entertained by hundreds of street performers vying for their fifteen minutes of fame. This is where the laid back American surfer's culture blossomed and the surfers can be seen today "hanging ten" in the waves.

Indulge in one of the thousands of diverse restaurants; you will find a taste of literally every international cuisine to choose from. There is a thriving Mexican population here, so their influence is far reaching and delicious. Don't miss a glass of renowned Californian wine from Napa Valley to accompany your meal.

Take a detour from the allure and well-groomed glamour of the city and discover Disneyland, the original theme park built by Walt Disney in 1955. Sleeping Beauty's Castle is just as majestic as ever and Space Mountain will thrill even the most seasoned roller coaster connoisseur.

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