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Revel in the exciting nightlife, chic boutiques and glorious hotels along the ivory white sandy beaches of Miami. Don't let the beautiful people in their lavish sports cars intimidate you, just doll up in your swankiest outfit and strut down the palm tree lined, star-studded boulevard. Your luxury hotel in Miami will make you feel as pampered and superior as any celebrity in town.

From the renowned restaurants and world class hotels in Miami to the bronzed models in string bikinis on South Beach, the glamour never ceases in this one of the United States most attractive metropolises. Even the architecture is striking in its classic, pastel, Art Deco splendor. Take a boat tour around Biscayne Bay and marvel at "Millionaire Row" where the wealthy build their ostentatious mansions and moor their grand yachts.

Take a breather from the upscale downtown and find Calle Ocho (Eighth Street), in Little Havana, a haven of family run Cuban cafés, buzzing bars and infections salsa music. Outside one of the hotels in the area you will be treated to the offerings from Miami's influential Latino population. The cuisine is spicy, the rhythms are hot and the signs are in Spanish. Meander down the Walkway of the Stars, or sit down with the locals for a game of dominos in Maximo Gomez Park (locally known as Domino Park).

Further afield of the city are the Florida Everglades where you can skim along in a high speed airboat in search of eerie mangroves and hungry alligators. Day trips not far from hotels in Miami are very convenient and a good way to get some fresh air. Rent a car and head south through the Florida Keys to the renowned Key West. Most hotels will have maps of routes and attractions here and along the way. These causeway connected islands have beaches that get more scenic and people who grow more eclectic the further south you explore.

From the ornate and designer, to the Cuban-themed and festive, Miami is packed with a wonderful array of hotels to choose from. The hotels are located in all heavily traveled areas of the city, and the city also holds many hidden gem hotels in more secretive and quaint areas.

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