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You will not be without options for a hotel in New York, from the city's grandest suite on historical Park Ave to artful, modern lines of new skyscraper hotels. New York City is the one of the most diverse places in the world and the food, people and accommodation certainly reflect this. At first locals may seem a bit hurried and haughty, but you will find that New York (the largest city in the United States) is a packed, overwhelming city that operates at a fast pace and waits for no one.

There are too many major attractions to count downtown as New York has been the backdrop for hundreds of American TV shows, movies and books. Start at the top of the Empire State Building to gain your bearings, and then set off for one of the most visited parks in the world, Central Park. Here you will find photo opportunities and sensory delights at Belvedere Castle, Strawberry Fields and Bethesda Fountain. The streets surrounding the park are constellated with a variety of hotels as it is a favored, and appropriately "central", location in the city.

A ferry to the Statue of Liberty, an awe-inspiring evening in neon gilded Times Square and a cultural shock in Chinatown will surely impress the most savvy world traveler. Aside from renowned hotels, the city boasts acclaimed restaurants, and nightclubs, and arguably the finest arts and culture scene in the world. Treat yourself to a Broadway musical or a tour of the massive Metropolitan Museum of Art for a dose of past and present superb talent.

Exploration is easy from hotels in New York; sample the multitude of international cuisines that are available at all hours of the day and night. Innovative dishes from the city's many five-star restaurants are aplenty (and often located within many luxury hotels), and the top notch bistros are exciting as well, but don't forego a simple slice of Brooklyn style pizza followed up with famous New York Style cheesecake.

Getting outside the city on easy day trips is relatively effortless from many hotels in and around the city. A day drive from most hotels in the city can bring you to Philadelphia, or even Boston. From hotels on Long Island it is easy to reach many of the areas best beaches and attractions. To the northwest of New York City is a beautiful getaway at Herriman State Park. Here you can escape New York for a night of camping along the Hudson River, or a day of hiking along the 200 miles of hiking trails, dozens of lakes, and swimming at one of several fresh water beaches.

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