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To visit here is to experience the theme park capital of the United States. There is an extremely high concentration of luxury hotels in Orlando to choose from, so your options are nearly endless. From splendid refinements to luxury hotels fit for a Disney princess, Orlando will impress.

Famous for nearby Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando Resort there is so much more to do in this city. Competitive restaurants, dozens of renowned golf courses and lush botanical gardens will keep you delighted while you aren't upside down on a speeding roller coaster. Orlando and the metropolitan region are packed to the brim with shopping opportunities as well. There are several shopping malls, some with their own hotels, scattered throughout the region. The Belz Festival Mall is an outstanding, one-million square foot, retail and entertainment complex that provides an array of activities and stores that is sure to satiate the entire family.

Orlando is not on the coast of Florida, but it still boasts Discovery Cove; a man made beach and snorkeling retreat across the Central Florida Parkway from SeaWorld, and within close proximity . Disney's Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon both offer welcome respite from the sometimes sweltering heat as well. Try Ripley's Believe-it-or-Not Odditorium for a taste of the bizarre and sometimes macabre. Exhibits here range from life-like wax celebrities to mind bending optical illusions to a seven-legged sheep.

Outside of hotels in Orlando there is natural beauty to be discovered here; there is an expansive arboretum with fern and rose gardens, an Everglades-like swamp habitat and bromeliad sanctuary to leisurely stroll. Even further from any of the regions hotels or attractions is Lake Apopka, the third largest body of fresh water in a state absolutely littered with lakes and ponds. Around the lake is a multitude of bird watching, camping, hiking, and biking opportunities for families; and hotels can also be booked in the area if preferred. To the west of Orlando is the Green Swamp Wildlife Preserve; a near 110,000 acre refuge area loaded with some of the greatest flora and fauna viewing available in Florida.

Downtown, away from Mickey and Shamu, there are cosmopolitan, refreshingly un-commercialized (by comparison), restaurants, upscale boutiques and of course luxury hotels sans mouse ears. Restaurants from outdoor cafés and take out, to international and seafood choices abound. Many of the downtown Orlando hotels have high quality restaurants of their own as well, so room service is not out of the question.

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Visit for the magic of the parks or for the golfer's paradise; it will all be close by any of the luxury hotels. Booking luxury hotels in Orlando is easy with ExcellentHotels.com


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